Frequently asked question's

New cars at competitive prices, so what's the catch?

There is no catch, we know you'll have several questions to ask, we have gone ahead and attempted to answer them all.

Click on any of the titles below in which you require clarity on and you'll find we have most likely answered your questions already.

Car Club

What is a car club?

Joining & Membership

How do I join?
How long does it take to become a member?
Do you have to apply online?
When I try to submit my application I am presented with the error message "This field contains invalid input", why is this?
What is a “Driving licence code”?
To share my license I need to provide my driving licence number, national insurance number and postcode, how do you use this information?
I have received an email asking for my drivers license number and check code however I have already provided this information to you?
Do you offer corporate rates or membership?
Do you offer household or family memberships?
Who can join?
What's included in the membership?
Can someone else use my membership card?
How much will I be saving every year by joining Carvenient Club?
Where are your full terms and conditions?
Can I avoid calling you on an 0845 number?
What do I do if I want to make a complaint?
Is this an accredited Car Club?


How do I work out my mileage?
Can I drive on the same day that I join?
How do I reserve a car after I get my Carvenient card?
Will a car be at my convenience when I need one?
How long does my reservation last for?
How to make a booking?
How quickly can I use the vehicle after reserving online?
Can I cancel or change a booking?
What happens if the car I reserved isn't at the parking bay?

Carvenient Cars

Where are the cars located?
How do I get into a Carvenient car?
How do I get the keys?
Do you provide a baby seat?
Roof racks on the car?
What transmission vehicles do Carvenient Club provide?
Who cleans the cars?
Can I smoke in Carvenient cars?
Can I take my pet?
There isn’t a car near me – can I request one from a different area?


I have put the key in the ignition, however the car will not start, why is this?
How do I exit the car park, I cannot find a ticket to use at the entry / exit barrier?
My Carvenient Car lives in a Car Park with a entry barrier, am I required to request a ticket on barrier?
My Carvenient Car lives in a pay and display Car Park, am I required to buy a ticket to display?
Can I make a one-way trip in a Carvenient Car?
How am I insured?
Parking during my reservation?
Will I be covered if I breakdown?
Can I use the vehicle for business use?
Do I pay for fuel?
Can I drive Carvenient cars abroad?
Do you provide live transport and travel information?

Returning your Carvenient car

Will I be charged for late return?
What do I do if the parking bay I need to return the vehicle to is occupied?
If I finish my reservation early will I be charge for the full time I reserved the car for?

Insurance & damage

What is the damage fee?
Will my credit/debit card cover my damage fee?
Will my personal insurance policy cover me if I had an accident?
If I decide to leave Carvenient Club will I be able to get discount on personal insurance?
What happens if I'm involved in a traffic accident?

Membership & billing

How much does it cost?
Do I pay for parking tickets?
How do I pay?
Do any additional fees apply?
How does the pricing work?
Discount card?
How do I pay?
Can I cancel my membership?

Making Payments

Can I pay by credit/debit card?
What is the Direct Debit Guarantee?
How do I change the date a payment is made?
Is Carvenient Club regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority?
Who should I contact if I have further queries regarding payments?