The costs of owning a car can really add up. We’re talking insurance, servicing, MOT, tax, parking permits, car loan, depreciation and the list goes on.


Joining Carvenient Club is easy. After completing the online application form, we will pop your smart card and membership pack in the post (Remember you can drive straight away before your smart card arrives, just give us a ring).


As a member of the club you can pick up a car from £4 per hour. Cars are parked in convenient locations in and around Reading near to where you live, work and socialise.


Cars are available to be booked 24/7, 365 days of the year. You can book your car online with just a moments notice.


Collect your car from your chosen location; hold your smart card to the reader on the windscreen to unlock the car. The car key can be found in the glove compartment, now your ready to drive.


Carvenient Cars include insurance and up to 50 miles/day. Once you have finished your booking return your car home to its dedicated bay, placing the key in the glove compartment and locking the car with your smart card.

4 Easy Steps to Car Sharing


In order to sign up you will require a licence check code from the DVLA. Sign up online today! It only takes a moment.


Book your Carvenient car via our mobile friendly website or by phone. You can book your car minutes before you plan to drive or months in advance.


Swipe your Carvenient card on the windscreen to unlock your car. Jump in, it’s all yours. The keys will be in the car.


Drive it as if it was yours, don't worry fuel is on us. Just remember to return your car to its dedicated parking bay with a quarter tank of fuel once you’re done.