Road Rules

By respecting your car and your fellow members, you can help keep rates low, cars available and maintenance completely free!

Before driving off, please familiarise yourself with these 5 Rules of the Road.

  • Inspect the car

    If you notice any big scratches or dents, a bad smell or low fuel, call 0118 907 1508 and tell us. We’ll know not to charge you for the damage.

  • Keep It Clean

    Animals must be in carriers and food in containers. Take all wrappers, bottles, etc. with you when you end your reservation.

  • Do Not Smoke

    As a courtesy to all of our members, smoking is not allowed in Carvenient Cars. If you smell smoke when you get into the car, tell us right away!

  • A little fuel goes a long way

    Leave at least 1/4 tank of fuel when you end your reservation. If you are low, fill up at any petrol station using the fuel card kept inside the car.

  • Return on Time

    If you are running late, you may be able to extend your reservation! Late returns will be charged a late fee.