At Carvenient Club, the safety of our members is our number 1 priority. In the event of an accident or a vehicle breakdown, Carvenient Club is 100% committed to providing the help you need to get back on the roads quickly and safely.

What to do in case of an accident or breakdown

  • Remain calm.

  • Make sure the driver and all passengers are in a safe place

  • Get your vehicle off the road if possible and warn other traffic by using your hazard warning lights, particularly if your vehicle is causing an obstruction.

  • Once in a safe place call Carvenient Club on 0118 907 1508

  • In the event that you prefer to reach out directly to the vehicle manufacturer, call Mercedes-Benz of Reading on 0118 996 8034

Please have the following information available

    Having all of this information makes it substantially easier for the road side team to help you as quickly as possible.

  • Your location – as precise as possible

  • The phone number you can be reached on

  • Carvenient Club vehicle plate number